Tips for maintaining the glass door in your bathroom

The bathroom door made of the glass material is quite vulnerable to dirty and stained. So if not kept clean and well cared for, glass doors can actually disturb the beauty and comfort in the bathroom. Therefore, to keep the bathroom glass door to look always shiny like new, there are some tips on caring for bathroom glass doors that can be applied easily. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the high-quality Marble Basins online.

Immediately Clean Finish Bathroom

When finished bathing, do not rush to leave the bathroom. You can all clean the glass doors. The vapor and water collected in the glass door will help you to clean the dirt easily. Moreover, if not immediately cleaned the former steam and water splashes will leave marks and leave stains on the glass.

Use the Right Foam or Sponge

A rough sponge may leave scratches on the bathroom glass door. So it’s good if you use the right sponge or foam to clean the glass. Choose a sponge or foam that can clean stains and dirt well, so that the bathroom door glass looks perfectly clean.

Take advantage of Toothbrush

Dirt and piles of dust are often left behind and buried in the area around the door frame. To clean it you can use an unused toothbrush. Small brush tip, will make it easier to clean up the dirt on the sidelines of the door frame.

Use a Razor

Razors can be used to clean water stains or splashes of soap that has dried and imprinted on the bathroom glass door. Do it slowly while cleaning it so as not to scratch the glass.

Lemon And Baking Soda

There are many who know that lemon and baking soda is a powerful enough food to clean up dirt and stains on household appliances. Included also to clean the bathroom glass door. Combine lemon juice and baking soda with water so it can be used to clean stains on the glass.

With some tips on caring for the bathroom glass door, the bathroom glass door will always look shiny like new.