These are Two Main Tricks to Make You More Confident Using Make Up

Using makeup will indeed seem ordinary when used by people who have been accustomed to using it. Unfortunately, for some people who have never used them, this will make them not confident. Use LED Ring light is the best way for you to use makeup very neatly because you can see the detail in your face.

There are some tricks you can use to make you confident when using makeup.

– Dip face to water for 30 seconds
Referring to the women in Korea, they will dip their faces for 30 seconds after using makeup. This will make your makeup last longer and more natural. This is because the cold water temperature can induce solid powder particles to seep into your face.

– Do not use the black eyebrow pencil
Using black eyebrow pencil will make your makeup look very stiff and not natural impressed. Instead, you can use dark brown or light brown eyebrow pencil.