The virtues of Hajj pilgrimage

Performing Hajj in the holy land has several virtues, that’s why we’re going to share them with you. Meanwhile, you can visit to find the excellent deals for hajj.

The pilgrimage can take away the small and big sins we have done before leaving the pilgrimage.

Hajj pilgrims get rewards such as jihad in the way of Allah swt.

The person who performs the pilgrimage is the guest of Allah swt. So any prayers and requests will be granted by Allah swt. Surely must be in accordance with Islamic Shari’a.

The person whose hajj prayer will be granted to completion. So if performing Hajj for 1 month, then during that prayers will maqbul. This should also be based on his intentions.

The cost used to perform the Hajj is to finance the war in the way of Allah swt, with a value of 700 times.

The expenditure used when performing the Hajj pilgrimage will not make the people who carry it out to be poor, but it will increase.

People who perform Haj pilgrimage will always get help from Allah swt, such as war soldiers who fought in the way of Allah swt, aliens, and mukatab slaves.

People who perform Hajj can give intercession to 400 other families.
People who perform Hajj pilgrimage will get forgiveness from Allah swt, even those who dzholim though.

The person performing the Hajj will be forgiven as well as the person who is asked for his forgiveness to Allah swt.

The person who performs the Haj pilgrimage when in Arofah by Allah swt is proud of his angels.

The person who is a haji must be a paradise expert.